Traveler's Passport for USA & Canada - N. Parks Edition

The Traveler's Passport for the USA & Canada -National Parks Edition has pages in the front with small sections that feature the name and an image of a national park along with blank space for an official stamp (see image below). The remainder of the book duplicates the contents of the original which has an informative entry for each state or province with colorful photos, the flag, space to write your date of visit and some interesting facts about each place.

It works like part guide book/part travel log and is terrific for any age. It would be especially fun for young travelers to keep a quick record of where they've been over time.

Additional features:
-- The facts provided include: capital, population, area size, state bird, flower and tree, what the economic products are produced as well as a fun, historical item of trivia.
-- There is info about how to best use the passport and a page for your photo along with name/address, etc.
-- In the back are several useful sections:
1) Set of 13 trivia questions to determine what you've learned (plus answers on another page).
2) The top ten common phrases or greetings are provided in English, French and Spanish.
3) Images of all US and Canadian license plates with check boxes beside them.

*NOTE: This version omits the lined and blank pages in the back for notekeeping, etc. Buy this one if you want states, provinces and parks in one book and don't need journal space.

The passport is paperback, in full-color and has 64 pages. This is an altogether unique log book!
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