Globejotting - Writing Travel Journals

In Globejotting award-winning travel humorist Dave Fox puts forth a book that's both informative and irreverently funny. You'll learn to: bring destinations to life with bold details, splash those details quickly onto your pages so journaling doesn't consume your valuable vacation time, weave together your outer and inner journeys using unfamiliar places as a backdrop for self-discovery and write with confidence!

The chapter headings of this book provide a good description for what's inside. Here is a sampling:
~ Journals- the Ultimate Souvenir
~ Speed Journaling - Keeping up with your Journey
~ Journaling Outside the Box: Creative Techniques
~ The Outer Journey: Capturing the Scene
~ Eluding Your Inner Censor
~ The Joy of Culture Shock
~ Empty Noteboook Syndrome: Finding Time and Motivation

The book is paperback, measures 6 x 9, has 175 pages.
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