About Us

Hello Traveler was born out of a love of exploring and learning about our endlessly fascinating world!

We have enjoyed viewing the desert mountain range and spectacular, purple-tinged sunsets while driving on Rt 84 outside Abiquiu, New Mexico, the living energy sensed when walking the streets of New York City and watching the diverse human parade, dining at a simple outdoor cafe in Istanbul and savoring the mouth-watering grilled lamb and vegetables (not to mention the unique Turkish bath experience!), hiking the always stunning and very green Appalachians in the mountains of North Carolina, swimming the clear, turquoise waters of the Caribbean, walking cobblestone streets in tiny villages all over Europe, riding horseback in the Hollywood Hills with a view of greater Los Angeles, the delight of swapping stories with other travelers met along the way, and the list goes on!

A favorite activity while traveling is having quiet, interesting conversations with local people wherever we are. The information and humanity gleaned from that is simply priceless and provides a valuable reality-check to mere speculations about how life is in a place.

Hello Traveler recognizes the cherished activities of documenting those journeys for maintaining valued memories and sharing them with those back home. We have assembled the products that travelers like to use for accomplishing that. Our core categories are travel-themed journals, photo albums, picture frames, scrapbooks as well as papers and stickers for using inside, plus some nice gift items like destination luggage tags. Our numerous collections of reproduction vintage luggage label stickers are always extremely popular.

We love hearing from customers so please feel free to email feedback and product suggestions or to share special memories or travel suggestions. We promise a reply.

Wishing you many unforgettable journeys.
Founder & Owner