Nomad Travel Journal

The Nomad Travel Journal is much like a traveler's logbook. The spiral pad is well-sized at 5 x 7 inches and the pages are set-up so that front and back of one page has fill-in sections while the next page is just lightly-lined for general writing, and so on. The entry sections include prompts like:

~ Location
~ Traveled With
~ Method of Travel
~ Accomodations
~ Meals
~ Memorable Daily Events
~ Local Knowledge
~ As well as a Tick List section titled: What to See and Do

We also carry a journal version with only lined-pages throughout for those that don't need the fill-in sections but want an easy-to-use, sturdy journal.

Both journals are spiralbound, have 120 pages and may be purchased alone or nicely encased in a gray-colored, weatherproof, zippered canvas cover that has an interior pocket, a pen holder and plenty of space for stashing brochures, cards or folded maps inside.
SKU: 1A2003/NJ

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